How do I get involved in Sasol Khanyisa?

How will Sasol BEE Ordinary shareholders (SOLBE1) take part?

At the end of Sasol Inzalo, Sasol BEE Ordinary shareholders (SOLBE 1) will have the opportunity to keep their shares in the empowerment segment of the JSE and participate in Sasol Khanyisa to receive the additional benefits. They will be invited to participate in Sasol Khanyisa at no cost to them and will also receive additional shares that are immediately tradable.

  • Those that choose to remain within the empowerment segment of the JSE will receive one bonus Sasol BEE Ordinary Share (SOLBE1) for every four Sasol BEE Ordinary (SOLBE1) shares owned.
  • Those that choose to leave the empowerment segment of the JSE will automatically receive Sasol ordinary shares (SOL) equal to the number of their Sasol BEE Ordinary (SOLBE1) shares – 100 SOLBE1 shares will become 100 SOL shares – but they will not take part in Sasol Khanyisa and they will not receive any additional shares.

How will Sasol Inzalo Public and Sasol Inzalo Groups shareholders take part?

Qualifying shareholders in Sasol Inzalo Public and Sasol Inzalo Groups will be invited to participate in Sasol Khanyisa Public and will receive:

  • 1 Sasol Khanyisa Public share for every Sasol Inzalo Public or Groups share held, at no cost, and
  • 1 SOLBE1 share for every 10 Sasol Khanyisa Public shares that are immediately tradable, at no cost.

As an example, if you own 100 Sasol Inzalo Public shares you will receive at no cost to you:

  • 100 Sasol Khanyisa Public shares, funded by Sasol; and
  • a further 10 SOLBE1 shares, worth R3 300 based on a share price of R330 per share (value will depend on actual share price).

All SOLBE1 shares, issued at no cost to you, are tradable from the date of issue.

How does a B-BBEE candidate who is not an Inzalo Shareholder, participate?

Sasol Khanyisa is an exclusive offering to the participants of Sasol Inzalo, who hold Sasol B-BBEE Ordinary Shares or Sasol Inzalo Public shares before February 2018.We acknowledge those who have made a commitment to Sasol’s transformation journey from 2008 and are selectively inviting these participants to be part of Sasol Khanyisa. Black members of the South African public can still own a part of Sasol by purchasing Sasol B-BBEE Ordinary Shares in the open market. 

Understand your Shareholder options 
Sasol Khanyisa Public Fact Book

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