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Sasol Limited (Sasol) is a global integrated chemicals and energy company that is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. It is the parent company of Sasol South Africa Limited (SSA) and it is the seller that funded the sale of the SSA shares to the Sasol Khanyisa transaction.

Sasol loaned R8,3 billion (interest bearing) to Sasol Khanyisa Fundco which enabled it to purchase 26 503 642 ordinary shares in SSA. The purchase of these ordinary shares meant that Sasol Khanyisa Public, as 100% shareholder of Sasol Khanyisa Fundco, could issue Sasol Khanyisa ordinary shares to you, its shareholder.

Sasol South Africa

Sasol South Africa Limited (referred to as “SSA” or the “SSA Group”) is a subsidiary of Sasol Limited and houses the majority of the Sasol Group’s South African operations.

Sasol Khanyisa Fundco

Sasol Khanyisa Fundco (RF) Limited (Sasol Khanyisa Fundco) is a subsidiary of Sasol Khanyisa Public (RF) Limited (Sasol Khanyisa Public) and holds shares in SSA on behalf of the Sasol Khanyisa Public shareholders.

Sasol Khanyisa Public

Sasol Khanyisa Public is the entity in which you, as a shareholder, own shares. Sasol Khanyisa Public has approximately 206 000 shareholders.

Sasol Khanyisa shareholders own approximately 9,2% of SSA, contributing towards the 25% direct and indirect shareholding in SSA.  The Sasol Khanyisa transaction’s success is not dependant on share price fluctuations as per Sasol Inzalo, our previous B-BBEE transaction but on the financial performance of SSA.

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