Sasol South Africa

SSA is Sasol Limited’s largest operating company and houses the synthetic fuels, chemicals, and gas operations, which are strong, cash-generating assets. After the successful implementation of Sasol Khanyisa in June 2018, Sasol Khanyisa shareholders own approximately 9,2% of SSA.

The shares in SSA, which the Sasol Khanyisa shareholders indirectly hold, are currently worth approximately R320,00 per share and are funded by Sasol Limited. This funding will be paid off using dividends declared by SSA over the maturity period of up to 10 years. Most of dividends declared will not be paid directly to shareholders until the funding has been settled.

Once the funding is settled, Sasol Khanyisa ordinary shares will be exchanged for Sasol BEE ordinary (SOLBE1) shares listed on the empowerment segment of the JSE.

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